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  • The Design Comedy

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    Paolo Bleve hosts the show entirely devoted to the protagonists of the most important Italian and international design companies. In the living room of the The Design Comedy, brands narrate their history, values and new projects, also through anecdotes and curious glimpses behind the scenes.

  • Meridiani: storie di case

    The Design Comedy Season 1 Episode 1

    The protagonist of the first episode, Giorgio Gobbi - Managing Director of Meridiani, presents the new book “STORIE DI CASE” to the audience of The Design Comedy, a precious volume that narrates the company’s ability to create versatile collections, reflecting the personality of the inhabitants of homes.
    With: Giorgio Gobbi, Andrea Parisio

  • Living Divani: 50 years and still going strong

    The Design Comedy Season 1 Episode 2

    A five-decade-long history retraced in its main milestones and anniversaries with Carola Bestetti, Marketing Manager of Living Divani. A flashback full of anecdotes and memories that offers an intimate and fascinating insight of this company.

  • At home with Versace

    The Design Comedy Season 1 Episode 3

    In this special episode, The Design Comedy studio relocates to an exceptional location: the terrace on the top floor of Versace's new headquarters - The Corner - to present the concept behind the 2020 home collections.

  • Jannelli & Volpi: The taste of creativity

    The Design Comedy Season 1 Episode 4

    Cuisine, poetry, literature, painting, and drawing. The most varied expressions of creativity in a single name, Paola Jannelli, who guide us to her world bursting with fantasy and culture that inspires her during the process of artistic creation for Jannelli&Volpi

  • Poltrona Frau: Colorful emotions

    The Design Comedy Season 1 Episode 5

    Like a palette from which Poltrona Frau takes the hues to paint its own furniture creations, ColorSphere® is the company’s new color system, in which emotions, perceptions and atmospheres act as lines of force. CEO Nicola Coropulis narrates the origin and evolution of the project.

  • Giorgetti: Craftsmanship 4.0

    The Design Comedy Season 1 Episode 6

    Combining the history of craftsmanship of a company over one hundred years old with the technological and digital innovations of the contemporary age. This is the challenge being successfully met by Giorgetti, which from the Pinkham Point project to Giorgetti Houston demonstrates all of its farsighted energy. With a special spokesman for the occasion: the CEO Giovanni Del Vecchio.

  • Kundalini: A burst of light

    The Design Comedy Season 1 Episode 7

    New challenges on the theme of lighting where sustainability also becomes a key factor. In the company of Stefano Bordone, president of Kundalini, we investigate the new ‘illuminated’ vision of the brand.

  • Lualdi: A door to the future

    The Design Comedy Season 1 Episode 8

    Don’t just call them doors. They are décor sets, functional architectural wings ready for customization. A perfect balance of engineering and creativity, capable of generating spaces and defining settings. With this vision, Alberto and Pierluigi Lualdi helm the family firm now at its fifth generation.