• Taste the Architect - Season 2

    Taste the Architect - Season 2

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  • Taste the Architect

    Series trailer

    Architecture and the world of design take on an entirely different flavor! Five protagonists of the international scene (along with a chef) narrate the new frontiers of design in a well-seasoned game of parallels… with food!

  • Redesigning tradition: la parmigiana

    Taste the Architect Season 1 Ep. 1

    Historical buildings and monuments become emblematic in urban redesign, taking on new life and surprising functions. Like a classic of Italian cuisine, which takes on a totally novel flavor thanks to innovative techniques and ingredients. Special guest: the architect Marco Piva.

  • The taste for socializing

    Taste the Architect Season 1 Ep. 2

    Community spaces form the core of any hospitality project. The experience of the architect Piero Lissoni traces a pathway from contract projects to product design with a focus on socializing, unexpectedly arriving at a convivial situation, around a table, for a surprising "Sunday dinner in 2030."

  • Green spaghetti

    Taste the Architect Season 1 Ep. 3

    From urban farming to the world of outdoor living, from the dimension of major projects to the table. This episode rich in flavors and curiosities is entirely colored “green,” thanks to an artist of the caliber of Paola Navone, who serves up not only her design creativity, but also her talent in the kitchen.

  • Sustainable lightness

    Taste the Architect Season 1 Ep. 4

    What is the meaning of “sustainable design”? The architect Massimo Roj has made this conceptual combination an imperative of his modus operandi. The maxim “from the spoon to the city” and vice versa, in this episode where eco-sustainable projects meet new awareness regarding nutrition and cuisine.

  • Zero-kilometer masterplan

    Taste the Architect Season 1 Ep. 5

    If the local dimension prevails over globalization, design expresses itself through proposals related to the ideological context in which they arise. In the retail and residential projects of the architect Massimiliano Locatelli, local crafts, raw materials and culture are the main ingredients, like the local, seasonal products utilized for the most “Milanese” type of risotto.