• Draga & Aurel. A Meltin' Pot coffee

    Draga & Aurel. A Meltin' Pot coffee
Draga & Aurel


Como and its lake represent the contemporary point of arrival and departure of Draga Obradovic and Aurel Basedow: a point of arrival because this is where they opened their studio in 2007, of restart because it is from Como that their collaboration officially starts. Different countries of origin, as well as very diverse characters and experiences that merge in a common project related to the design of furniture and objects with an artistic appeal, unique pieces that feature a distinctive approach to materials and craftsmanship. The important collaborations with Baxter and Wall&Decò highlight a subtlety in creativity that coexists with a recognizable personal style. An unstoppable growth that leads Draga & Aurel to design three proposals for the new 2020 collections of the top luxury brand Visionnaire. Draga & Aurel are part of that small group of designers who always go beyond the logic of the designed product to propose a product analysed and developed with attention. It’s not a small difference.

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Draga & Aurel. A meltin' pot coffee

Entwined paths, opposite origins and adolescences, an ability to overcome life's hostilities and transform them into positive energy. The couple - among the most outstanding figures emerging in the international scene - tells when, what, but above all how. A journey through the many European influences that have shaped a unique union.

Draga & Aurel